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There is nothing as refreshing as taking a dip in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. Learning to care for it and maintaining the correct chemical balance is important to the life of your pool and the health of your family and guests. We realize you may not have a lot of experience pertaining to pool maintenance and installations, so we’ve tried to address the most frequently asked questions below. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at 931-381-5101.
How do I determine which shape pool is best suited for my yard?
It really depends on the size of your yard. Oval pools are wonderful if you have limited space.
Which pool has more swimming area, round or oval?
A round pool has more swimming area than an oval pool of the same size.
How often do I have to treat my pool or spa?
It depends on how often the pool is used. Test and keep your chemicals balanced at recommended levels to get the longest life out of your pool finish. Have your water analyzed at a pool store about once per month. Run your pump and filter at the recommended amount of time, depending on the time of the season.

Do automatic pool cleaners really keep the pool clean?
An automatic pool cleaner can’t do all of the work, but it will dramatically reduce the time spent on weekly maintenance. If you fill your pool with well water, you'll need to add a metal remover. 

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